Simple Installation

Installing The Quiet Swing Bar

  1. Gather everything you need:
    -Quiet Swing Bar kit includes screws, drill bit and fully assembled QSB
    -Trash Can 
    -Counter Punch
    -Extra Screwdriver

  2. Remove old lock and throw it in the trash.      

  3. Position bar so that the center of the rubber bumper hits the edge of the door frame.

  4. Mark holes, Drill holes, Attach bar.

  5. Position latch to engage with bar and mark holes.

  6. Drill holes and secure latch with one screw.

  7. Test fit.

  8. Attach latch.

  9. Open and close the door and enjoy the quiet.


Pro tips:

  1. Some doors are slightly recessed compared with the door frame.  Use the included spacer to ensure proper installation.

  2. Use existing holes whenever possible.

Before & After

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